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Jenkins plugin for building
project dependencies

1. Create a new project

Create a new Jenkins project, pick your pipeline name and select the DepBuilder project.

Create a new DepBuilder project in Jenkins UI

2. Define the build dependencies

DepBuilder configuration settings in the Jenkins UI

Create the build pipeline out of existing Jenkins jobs via a strict domain specific language that is checking for typos, missing build agents, cycles in your build and other problems as you type.

For more info about the DSL features, see documentation

3. Run the build

Run the build and watch the build progress or review the past builds.

Build status colors:

  • Blue: success
  • Red: error
  • Yellow: aborted
  • White: not built
  • Fading blue: in progress

For more info, see documentation

Visualization of the build pipeline


Feature Community Pro
Audience Hobbyists Business
DSL true true
SCM true true
Build Cycle Detection true true
Build Visualization true true
Agent Selection true true
Build Termination true true
Parent Failure Action true true
Parallel Builds false true
Build Throttling false true
Support false true

Jenkins Version >= 2.235.1 >= 2.235.1
License AGPL Commercial
Price n/a $950/year
Purchasing Credit Card, Paypal
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For more information about the features, see the DepBuilder documentation below.

DepBuilder Documentation



DepBuilder Community could be installed either through the Jenkins plugin marketplace or manually, see Installation instructions for more info.

Download DepBuilder Community


After purchase you will receive an email with a download link and the DepBuilder Pro license that is valid for 1 year. For more info click on the button below.

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Source Code

DepBuilder Community edition is open source, released under the AGPL license.



Bug reports or feature requests should be filed on the Github issues page.

Github issues page


Frequently asked questions are answered in documentation.